Signal Repeater

Being connected to the internet is something we do constantly, whether at home, at the company, or at work. In order for everyone to be able to enjoy it well, and not have connection problems, it is important to have a repetidor de sinal at home.

Having a signal repeater has numerous advantages, such as faster download rates, good quality videos without crashing, lower ping. So, if your wireless internet connection has a very long range or too many walls in between, the internet connection will start to oscillate, causing you to experience speed drops and even complete disconnection for what you are doing .

The wifi signal repeater, also called a signal extender, is a device that allows you to extend the range of your home or work internet connection, as if it were an extension cable. So, if you have too many walls or too far from your modem to the device you want to connect to, the repeater will provide you with a better experience.

Now, let’s see how you can choose a good signal repeater.

How to choose the best signal repeater

To choose the melhor repetidor de sinal, you need to pay attention to different types of specifications, as well as any other type of technology device. In the signal repeater, we must pay attention to the maximum speed of the transmission rate, number of antennas, frequency and range.

Maximum transmission speed

Transmission speed is about how fast your signal repeater will go from your modem to the device you want to connect to.

For example, if you have a 100mbps internet, but the maximum transmission rate is 50mbps, you will lose half your internet speed.


Range is the maximum extensibility that your repeater can achieve. It is always recommended to look for a repeater with a greater range than desired, since walls and buildings negatively influence the range of your connection.


The signal repeaters have antennas, these antennas can be built-in or external. Generally, external antennas are best for extending the range of your signal repeater.


A signal repeater that has different levels of frequency also has some advantages. The two most common frequency types are 2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz.

2.4Ghz is most recommended for signal repeaters that are in different rooms or rooms in your home or business, they are more recommended when you are further away from the device and need reach.

5.0Ghz is recommended if you are going to use the device in the same room as the repeater, so you will have a higher speed, but your range will be limited.

Best signal repeater

Now, see what are the best signal repeaters sold in Brazil in 2021:

  • Intelbras 300mbps IWE-3000N signal repeater
  • TP-Link TL-WA850RE Network Repeater
  • Intelbras Wireless IWE 3001 signal repeater
  • 300Mbps Multilaser Repeater 2 Antennas
  • D-Link 300Mbps Router with Repeater Mode
  • Mercusys MW300RE wifi signal repeater
  • 600mbps Wi-Fi Signal Repeater Wireless Amplifier
  • Xiaomi Mi Range Extender Xiaomi Pro repeater
  • TP-Link wifi Extender AC750 2.4GHz repeater
  • TP-Link wifi repeater AC1200Mbps

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