Easy Way to Get Data Extracted from A Website

Web scraping often referred to as “web harvesting” or “data extraction” is the way that is used to extract data from various websites. Software that is used for web scraping can access the “World Wide Web” by using the “Hypertext Transfer Protocol” or by using a web browser that is common.

Access to website information

There are some websites that have a large amount of data that is invaluable for a user needing web scraping. For example:

  • Stock prices
  • Sports stats
  • Product details
  • Company contacts

Anyone wishing to have access to this information either must use the format the website uses or copy and paste this information manually into a new document. But there is a way to web scrap that makes everything easier.

Extract data

With web scraping, anyone can extract data from a website and collect it, then export it into a format that the user finds more useful. It can be put into a spreadsheet or an API or “application programming interface”.

Manually or with tools

Web scraping is usually done manually but those that are very computer literate develop automated tools since this can make scaping web data less expensive and much faster. But no matter how a person tries to do it, web scraping is not a task that is simple. Websites come in many forms and shapes which results in web scrapers needing various features and functionality.

Scraping API

There is currently a program or website that can help you with web scraping. It is a simple and secure web scraping API. You only need to use the URL and a CSS selector to receive the rendered HTML. It allows the user to not have to maintain their own scaping tools. It is not only simple, and easy but you can try it for free. So, if you need to extract all the scores from a soccer team’s games before you make a bet on them, here is the easy way to get that information.

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