Cannot Live Without Apple Products - Buying Apple Watch Strap And Others

Cannot Live Without Apple Products – Buying Apple Watch Strap And Others

‘I cannot live without Apple’, I shouted to one of my college friends five years ago. That might sound like I am filthy rich, but Apple has been a trusted brand, which is why it has become a crucial part of my life. Last year, I just bought the latest model—iPhone 14 Pro with a sleek case.

When Did My Addiction To Apple Begin?

My experience with Apple began with my first iPhone. I just turned 18, and my Aunt gave me her old iPhone 5. Even though it was a little outdated since the iPhone 6 was released a few months ago in the market (at that time), I was happy to receive a smartphone from her, even if it was a second-hand one.

Unlike Android, Apple products are easy to use. All you need to do is spend time navigating all the features so you will become more familiar with everything.

Besides the sleek design, I love the seamless integration with other Apple products. The same year I turned 18, my aunt gave me an Apple watch with a new strap in Singapore. ‘This is an apology gift since I gave you a used iPhone 5’, my aunt said.

The intuitive user interface of Apple made my life easier and more organized. My college friends preferred using my phone for interviews since the recordings were far better than Android products. I was a journalism student at that time, and we had to write stories with quotes from reputable people.

With the use of Apple Products, we were able to transcribe the recordings and write news articles much faster. From then on, I promised myself that I would start using Apple products.

Three Years Later

After three years of employment, I used my salary to buy my first Apple items. I have bought a new Apple watch with a brand-new band since I gave my previous ones to my little brother.

I was impressed by the variety of Apple Watch straps available, and I was able to find the perfect one for my style. The Apple Watch band in Singapore is durable and easy to switch out, so I can change the look of my watch whenever I want.

One Apple Product After Another

In 2022, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max were the latest models from Apple. Both are even better than the previous ones, so I had trouble choosing which model I should get.

Since I prefer placing my phone inside my pocket, I purchased the iPhone 14 Pro since they are much smaller than the other iPhone 14 Pro Max.

I also purchased an iPhone 14 Pro case to protect my phone from scratches and damage. They were great! My smartphone remains in good condition no matter how many times I have dropped it on the floor by accident.

Apple products are not just gadgets to me. They play a crucial role in my life. I use my iPhone to communicate with friends and family, manage my schedule, and access my files and documents. The Apple Watch allows me to stay active and track my fitness goals, and it also sends me reminders and notifications all day long.

In other words, I cannot live without Apple because its products have become an integral asset in my life.

If you are interested in buying an iPhone 14 Pro Max case, Uniq has several types to offer.

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