7 things to consider before buying a dedicated server

When your business outgrows a shared network and you only see it reaching higher milestones, it is time to buy a dedicated server. Dedicated servers are expensive and an investment. The choice of buying a server can be a task and here are 6 things to consider when you are about to buy a dedicated server.

1. Operating system

There are different operating systems such as Windows, IOS, and Linux. Currently, Windows and Linux are the operating systems that are widely used because of its price point as well. It is said that Linux is more appropriate for open source stacks and windows is ideal for hosting Microsoft based ASP.

2. RAM

Some systems need a higher amount of RAM. You will need plenty of RAM, in case it is a larger business.

3. Hardware

When choosing to buy a dedicated server make sure the company makes reliable hardware and is durable. It should have a longer life span. Two widely used storages are SAS and SATA.

4. Bandwidth

Dedicated servers are required for critical projects and companies might have a lot of traffic on the server. There will be a need to have a strong bandwidth. This will give a better performance.

5. Security

Security is one of the key aspects when getting a server where data is managed. Having a dedicated server, the control is in your hand. There is a high level of security on such a server and other businesses do not get access to this server. Anti-theft and anti-virus settings help protect data from getting hacked or corrupted.

6. Managed or unmanaged

You can either manage your server or have a third party manage your server. In case you do not have a proficient manager to monitor the server, you must go for an unmanaged server.

7. Easy upgrade

When you buy a dedicated server that is considered as one of the best servers found on sites such as WeHaveServers, it allows you to upgrade your bandwidth and storage. This becomes important in a growing and dynamic business.

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