Why Should You Switch to Solar Cell Lights?

Solar lighting was not that popular many years ago, but as it becomes more affordable, many households and business establishments switch from conventional lighting methods to solar lighting. Randy Thailand (randy, term in Thai) provides cutting-edge solar lighting systems, such as solar panels and  solar batteries.There are many reasons why you should consider switching to solar cell lights, and we are going to discuss some of them in this article. We highly encourage you to read the article up to the very end so that you will be able to come up with an informed decision when it’s time for you to make your own purchase.

· Flexibility

Solar lights are flexible in terms of functionality, for you can use them in both indoor and outdoor spaces. You can use it at home or at business establishments. For outdoor spaces, the only option before was solar illumination. As more and more people switch to solar lights, manufacturers give customers plenty of choices. Today, you can find solar light system for indoor gardens and homes’ interiors and exteriors. It just all depends on how creative and resourceful you are in incorporating these lighting fixtures.

· Eco-friendliness

Another good thing about solar lights is that they are eco-friendly. This explains why many environmental advocates encourage the use of solar lights. Solar panels do not require power from the grid. They have solar batteries that rely on sunlight. When it comes to nighttime, they are fully charged and can effectively illuminate the night.

· Better LEED rating

If you own a commercial building, then you know very well about LEED rating. If you use solar lighting, you will have a better LEED rating, which means that your establishment is green. In other words, it is environment-friendly and cost-efficient too. You will end up saving money on electricity costs in the long run. Your LEED rating will increase tremendously if you have an outdoor light system made from solar panels.

· Low maintenance cost

Don’t you know that solar lights require less maintenance? Yes, they do. Although you will not be able to feel it upfront because the installation cost is quite higher. However, if you look at it from a long-term standpoint, you will be saving a huge amount of money. Not to mention, solar lights last for a very long time.

Although there are many advantages offered by solar lighting systems, there are a few considerations too. These are the following:

  • Solar lights heavily rely on sunlight to power up. Therefore, it does not work that much in places with weak sunlight.

  • It is a must to have rechargeable solar batteries so the light will surely work for long hours, especially during the nighttime.

  • You will initially shell out a relatively large amount of money for the installation cost.

Many people are concerned about the installation cost, which is quite high, but when you factor in the huge amount of bills you will save by using solar lights, you will eventually end up saving a huge amount of money. You are also doing something good for the environment.

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