Whiteboard Challenge: Confronting Technical Interviews

No matter who you ask about how their technical interviews went, they will always have a different reply – which goes to show that technical interviews are a lot more complex than how you would have imagined them to be.

Sometimes, the questions you will be asked at interviews can be quite straightforward such as telling about an event where you have created a successful monitoring solution for a production system. But then you will also be getting completely random questions that are meant to get your brain tapped into its creativity level.

So the key here is to get yourself prepared for anything unexpected that might come your way during an interview. However, there is no playbook of how companies set up these interviews so you will have no idea what kind of projects or topics to learn about. Fortunately, there are other ways you can learn to get the experience of seeing what a technical interview looks like and learn the basics of what you need to do to get started.

Now you might be wondering, where exactly can you learn all that? Well, you need to start paying attention to the Whiteboard Challenge – a revered multi-award winning tech show that is based on the tech industry’s job interview practices and aims to improve the tech community. The show revolves around a three panelled judge show where legitimate software engineers solve code tests until a candidate gets withdrawn for the time-restricted challenge phase to commerce.

Since it was established , this original series has captured a hold on its audience due to its unique entertainment value of being both compelling to watch and learn from it. What sets them apart from most reality game show which use general knowledge as a basis for their challenges, Whiteboard Challenge focuses on illustrating skills that require exceptional talent which is gradually becoming a skill requirement on a basic level within technical education.

Whiteboard Challenge was created by Michael Kureth. Its primary intention is to advocate for equality, diversity, inclusion of individuals who wish to pursue a career as a software engineer or software engineering-related positions within the tech industry.

Once the show comes to a close, each professional engineer who has been judging the candidate works on evaluating the results. Once they have come to a conclusion, they tell the candidates about which role in the tech industry would be best for them where they are sure to thrive at their highest potential. Another objective of the series includes showcasing methods to improve the overall interview process while adhering to federal laws while simultaneously keeping it entertaining so that it keeps you interested while you empower yourself with valuable tech knowledge.

Furthermore, the whole series advocates for diversity in tech while providing an entertaining and educational platform that inspires young aspiring engineers to grow further interest in their field.

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