Reasons Why Companies Should Go Passwordless

With the continuous growth of modern technology, password-based authentication has become inadequate in keeping data safe. Today, leading companies use biometric security systems, like FIDO2 authentication, to strengthen and enhance their authentication procedures.

For instance, Apple’s facial recognition uses state-of-the-art technology to authenticate user access to smartphones. This demonstrates the application of biometric authentication systems in daily life. Biometric verification streamlined various mobile activities, including online purchases, downloading software, and accessing accounts. It has also made procedures safer, as a passwordless login comes with fewer risks than knowledge-based authentication.

Risks of Passwords in the Workplace

Passwords and other knowledge-based security systems come with numerous risks that can jeopardize a company’s operation or reputation. This includes data leakage, employees forgetting their passwords, and cybercriminals targeting the credentials of authorized personnel.

The biggest danger of passwords is that they are subject to human risks. Their effectiveness depends on the user’s memorization ability, trustworthiness, and vigilance. As employees can easily forget their passwords or unknowingly input them into a cybercriminal’s hands, bad actors can easily compromise a company’s security.

Benefits of Going Passwordless

Passwordless security systems offer numerous benefits for companies. It can remove the risks and hassle of passwords and strengthen a company’s digital and physical security. It can also be applied to various company areas.

Secure and Frictionless Login

According to an HYPR study, over 57{483d20f9b5ef4c93edb0dddfa055a450f2e5eb51b1599e744973a70352d76753} of users admitted to having forgotten work passwords. This is an alarming concern for businesses as password resets can impede operations and take time off employees.

Going passwordless can help alleviate the struggles that come with password-based authentication. It removes the need for a password reset, which can add unnecessary work to employees. It also simplifies the authentication process with a quick selfie or fingerprint scan.

Strengthens Security Systems

Biometric authentication is much safer than knowledge-based authentication because it is much harder to crack. It requires an individual’s biometric features, which are difficult to steal or copy.

Passwordless authentication can be a highly beneficial investment for online retail companies or businesses requiring customers to create website accounts. It improves customer account security and enhances user experience. This can positively affect businesses by building brand trustworthiness.

Variety of Applications

Setting up passwordless systems can be applied to several company areas. This includes online account security for users and employees, access management for physical establishments, and other business processes. Due to its flexibility and numerous applications, passwordless authentication is a cost-effective investment as it is not limited to a single area of the company’s security system.

Any company can take advantage of the value of passwordless authentication. Improve working conditions and strengthen security systems by turning away from traditional password-based authentication. Go passwordless with authID, a trusted security solutions provider.

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