How effective is SMS marketing technique for the growth of your business?

One of the most effective ways of business communication is through the medium of sms marketing. But if you do not apply it wisely, you might not reap the immense benefits and boost it can bless your business with.

Back in the days, people thought that sms or text messages were only a means to use for personal use. But with the high usage of the smartphone all across the globe, businesses small and big realized the huge necessity and requirement of sms marketing platforms.

As per recent research done by Deloitte, it was found that almost 8{8bae0ce278d2bc5c9e4a29fe0e27a68d48c45883aaba0fa4750a9a5d7a9ca0ef} of the population across the world only visited stores after they received some promotional offers via text message. Also, about 47{8bae0ce278d2bc5c9e4a29fe0e27a68d48c45883aaba0fa4750a9a5d7a9ca0ef} of customers who respond to messages do end up making a purchase. Through sms marketing not only can businesses talk and connect with customers but can also explore more potential customers effectively.

Let’s get to know more about why sms marketing platforms should be implemented to gain more benefit for businesses:

  • Open rates are high

One of the prime benefits you attain through bulk SMS marketing is that you gain high open rates, as compared to e-mails or calls. Almost 98{8bae0ce278d2bc5c9e4a29fe0e27a68d48c45883aaba0fa4750a9a5d7a9ca0ef} of the sms that is sent is read by the recipient. This is the prime reason why companies are not taking this marketing technique more seriously than ever.

  • Enhanced conversion rate

Even though there is high usage of quick messaging services through different apps, the need and effectiveness of sms marketing can never be reduced. Even now with tons of new-age counterparts, the rate of conversation through sms is still high and better. Customers will be more likely to use promotional offers and promotions that have been sent via SMS rather than any other marketing service.

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