How To Make Your Blog Post Go Viral (Best 7 Ways)

Oh. So you were busy in writing a new Blog Post & now that you’ve completed writing one, you are going to promote it! Right?

This is the story of every Blogger. We first put all our efforts & skills in writing a new Post, like I’m trying to do in this one ? and then we take our time to promote it on various places! But do you get success in promoting it effectively? I mean, Are you able to attract much visitors to it? Are you successful in making it VIRAL?

There are many ways that we can use to make our new Blog Post VIRAL!  But at the same time, let me tell you that It’s not so easy that you are thinking it to be

A Viral blog post means Your post is rocking everywhere! Every one is sharing it , liking it, commenting on it! It doesn’t mean that  you will consider a Post Viral only if the whole World is sharing & liking it, You can consider it Viral even If all of your Facebook Friends, Twitter Followers, Facebook Page fans, Pinterest Followers are doing it!

So without making you wait more, Here are the steps to make your Blog post VIRAL!

Make Your Blog Post Go Viral

1. Focus On Your Post Content/Quality

You will be successful in making your Post Viral only If your Post Content is great! If your Content is not good, Even If you will promote it with 1000 Ways on 1000 Places, No one will give it a Damn! Your Readers will only love to comment, share the post If It’s well written. Try to write more descriptive, lengthy Posts that features everything a Reader want to know about that certain Topic you are writing about. Always start your Posts with a Introduction, In the middle, write main things about that Topic & in the end give some more Bonus/Extra tips to your Readers. Writing list Posts is another good idea to furnish your Post. You can read about Importance of list posts here –  Why You Should Focus More on Writing List Posts?

2. Try Dominating SEO For Your Posts

This is one big thing you should definitely focus on! SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is a way to Optimize your blog posts to make them Rank better on Search Engines by using some Tweaks while writing your Post. There are many big players that know SEO and they can manually Optimize their posts for Search Engines but what about the People like us? Well, We use some SEO pluginsthat are tailor made for us & they automatically gives us Tips to rank our Posts better. There are many SEO Plugins out there which can Boost our Search Engine Traffic (Organic Traffic) and hence we have Great chances of our Posts ranking better! Some of the best SEO plugins are – SEOPressor, Easy WP SEO &WordPress SEO By Yoast.

3. Comment On Other Blogs of Your Niche

This is another great way of getting your Post noticed. Here, I am NOT talking about the normal Blogger, WordPress or any other Commenting system. I am only takingCommentLuv here. Basically, When a Reader comments on a Blog with CommentLuv system enabled, he get a chance to showcase 1 of his Blog Post under his Comment. He automatically gets the List of his latest Articles (Fetched from the URL provided) and then he can choose any of his Article. This one has great opportunities If used properly. It also support you in increasing your Google Page Rank as many of the Bloggers have enabled DoFollow backlinks to link of your selected Post. Choose the best Blog in your Niche & then try to be the first Commentator on a specific Post. This increases the chances of your Post getting noticed by maximum no. of People. You can get the list of Best CommentLuv enabled blogs here –  List of DoFollow CommentLuv Enabled Blogs to get Quality Backlinks.

4. Build A Powerful Online Presence

Building a good online presence is a very important factor not only for making a particular Post Viral but for your entire Blogging Career. As the name suggests, Being Online & Being Everywhere is called online presence. As long as you are ‘everywhere’, Your online presence is always good! All the Top Bloggers receive continuous Readers & Attention to their Blogs & new blog Posts because they have good online presence.  Social Media is a great tool to Build your Online Presence. Using it wisely will definitely lead you to creating powerful Online Presence. You can learn to create a good Online Presence here – Why Online Presence is Important and How to Build a Powerful Online Presence.

5. Share Other’s Content

Sharing is a bullet proof-method to get your Article/Content noticed. You share fellow Blogger’s article on your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ & There are great possibilities that in return they will also do the same. Although It’s not guaranteed especially If you are sharing Content of the Top Bloggers out there but Medium level Bloggers have good chances of doing it in return, For this, Twitter is the best thing I’ll suggest. Just, ReTweet their Tweets & they will do yours! Facebook & Google+are also helpful in this

6. Promote Your Content Everywhere

Doing this effectively require a good Online Presence already built-up! Always try to join new Facebook Communities, Google+ Communities & promote your Posts/Content there! After writing an Article, The first thing I often do is to share my Content on my Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, StumpleUpon Profiles!This really helps me in getting good Traffic because all my Subscribers or I say the ones who already know about Me & My Blog get to know that I’ve published a new Article!

7. Build Good E-Mail Lists!

Building E-Mail Lists is another solid method to help out your Article go Viral! Build E-mail lists, Attract your Visitors to subscribe to your List by giving somefreebies like Themes/E-books, Next time you Publish an Article, Create a new E-mail about that Post & send it to all your Subscribers! In return all your Blog subscribers will get to know about your new Content & they will definitely come & If (as I mentioned earlier), It’s well written, they will loose nothing in sharing your Article & thus helping you in making it VIRAL ? Read this awesome Post to learn Building E-mail lists – Ultimate Guide To Email Marketing And Building Powerful Lists Online


So that’s it! It was my (probably ?) Longest Article written & I enjoyed a lot in writing it. These 7 Ways will definitely help you out in taking your Posts & so Blogs to the next level. As you want your Articles to be VIRAL (That was the purpose you were reading this), I too hope for the same. If you like this Article, Please share it & help me! If got any queries or want to notify me for any important point uncovered, Comment here & We’ll discuss it.

This is the entire process for How To Make Your Blog Post Go Viral?. I hope this can be terribly useful for you. If you found this How To Make Your Blog Post Go Viral? article helpful for you then share your comments with us and share this article on social media along with your friends.


  1. Hey friends, thanks for this lovely article. Point 8 should be – use Pictures! Never underestimate the power of pictures when sharing on social media. You may invest a ton of time into writing great content and then share it – and nothing happend. Maybe this is because people didn’t see it. With pictures your content in the social’s are more eyecatching. There are many free and great App’s as Adobe Spark Post or ThingLink availabel to creat eyecatching pictures which are like little gifs and even some motion is possible. Try it with your next post or tweet.

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