LSI Keywords- Powerful Factor To Boost Your Ranking

You might hear about LSI keywords but if you have little or no knowledge about it then today I will tell you some interesting facts about it.

Latent Semantic Indexing Unstructured data, such as results from an accumulation of words or text patterns using machine learning to find an improved search system known as LSI keywords. Semantic Indexing is according to the latest machine learning words are replaced by their synonyms, when the word is used in the same context, they are mostly similar meaning.

What are LSI Keywords?

LSI is an abbreviation of LATENT SEMANTIC INDEXING. This is another term that Google and major SEO use for ranking content of a website. A keyword is the tile or topic of a content that is most commonly used in a page. LSI keywords are the synonyms or word related to your keyword that is searched and are used in content and will provide better ranking. It is an advanced search method.

In the big picture of SEO, before LSI keywords, keyword density was prominent in picture. Now what is meant by keyword density? It is use of keyword in your content frequently and SEO considered it really. How?

An article that has its keyword 13 times is better ranked by SEO than another article that has the same keyword 12 times, that is how keyword density works out. That is not seems to be fair.
But today, SEO evolve LSI keyword, a very powerful factor but simple and Google has confirmed that use of more related keywords will help you to increase your ranking.

How LSI a Beneficial Term?

LSI keywords are good response to keyword stuffing because search engines pay attention to title and headings of content and people try to cheat by keyword-stuffed meta tags and their content has not full of keywords and quality.
But major search engine like Google and Bing, appreciate quality content and give them high ranking.

  • LSI keywords are good, supported and give advantages to bloggers, website owners.
  • People many times do not get the exact keywords so content with LSI keywords help them to find it.
  • It gives a natural look to content and readers like such content instead of the content that stuffed a lot with same keyword, makes reader to go back of your website.

Example Of LSI Keywords:

If your content is about “car”, then LSI keywords mean you can use keywords like speed, fast, swift, automobile, vehicle and model are related to your subject. Many bloggers like to use LSI keywords in their content.
Search engine also considers LSI keywords for finding what a user wants. So it increases opportunity of getting your content.

How SEO Use LSI?

Search engines provides according to the query of searchers and gives them content that is more related to their queries so they use LSI keywords and that boost ranking of your content by SEO.
For example, you may search “on page SEO” by search engine then it will give phrases related to your query like

  • On page SEO checker
  • On page SEO techniques
  • On page SEO tips
  • On page SEO factors

SEO also use it when you write a word that is name of two different thing then search engine has to decide by LSI, like word “Fan”.

How To Find LSI Keywords?

Google search is great tool to find LSI Terms:

Write in Google bar your query phrase and it will automatically gives you keyword related to your phrase

Google Keyword Planner Tool To Find LSI Keywords:

Google free planner tool this free tool tells you the use of related keyword and you can check here of “on page SEO”.

LSI Keywords WordPress Plugins:

There are many great plugins for checking that your keywords are relevant or not and how much are using. Two of them are really best.
1. SEOPressor: SEOPressor is more fast and reliable. It can retrieve LSI or upto 3 keywords of your choice. One tool very fast is SEOpressor. It shows real-time score of on-page optimization and keyword density. It warns you for over optimization.
2. WP seo: WP seo is easy to use, but over optimization warning feature make SEOPressor more reliable.

LSI keywords for Off Page SEO:

LSI keywords play important role when building backlinks for your website. Just try to mix anchor keywords with lsi keywords. This practice will raise your website’s ranking.


Your content should not be all about keywords. Your priority should be a quality content. Only LSI keywords cannot increase your ranking so you have to first focus on your content then works on LSI keywords to boost your ranking.

I hope this can be terribly useful for you. If you found this what are LSI keywords? article helpful for you then share your comments with us and share this article on social media along with your friends.


  1. Hi Saikat,

    This is a wonderful write up. I have been trying other tools such as UberSuggest and LSI graph to find LSI keywords. As suggested by you, I will try SEOPressor plugin. Thanks for sharing this article.


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