How To Fix SSL Connection Error Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera Browser

One of the most common problems of all internet users comes in the form of an SSL connection error. This comes in the form of a browser message that says, “your connection is not private.” If you are facing SSL connection error while connecting to any HTTPS website like Facebook, Google, Twitter etc then you […]

How To Reverse Image Search?

Reverse Image search is the process of searching image based on keywords by uploading images or pasting URL on Google Images. This tool has made the users simpler and easier. Now you can use Reverse Image Search on your mobile phones too. Even though, if you are facing problem to type exact keywords on Google […]

How To Create Multiple E-mail Accounts on Samsung Device

Having multiple Google accounts is very usual these days, because some would use one account for professional use and the other for personal use. Using other Google services like Google Drive and Google Plus also needs a Google account and there are many reasons why having several Google accounts in a single Android phone is […]

Google Gravity|Anti Gravity Google|Google Zero Gravity And Other Tricks

Everybody uses Google. This is the biggest search engine in the world. We all love this search engine because that provides information related to our problem. At first Google was just a search engine; then it started to get funny. Now, Google tricks, or “Easter Eggs,” lurk behind every Google search. The right keywords or […]

How To Fix Google Play Store Error Processing Purchase “ DF-BPA-09” and Error “DF-BPA-10″[Solve]

Google play store is the factory of android apps, from where you can get different types of apps for Android Smartphone. But sometimes android users feel very bad when they face “error” during downloading apps from Google Play store. Nowadays A common error occurs to Android users when they attempt to use Google Play to […]

Google Adsense Alternatives – Double Your Earnings

Google Adsense Alternatives: Another problem that mostly bloggers face is the disability of Google Adsense because of many reasons like Adsense account got ban or earning less with Adsense etc. In this post I am introducing, seven best alternatives of Google Adsense to start up for your website or blog. Definitely Google is best choice […]