Top 6 Best WordPress Social Sharing Plugins 2017

All of us know the Importance of Social Media & Online Presence! I have discussed it in my Previous Post here – 7 Ways To Make Your Blog Post Go VIRAL. To build a solid Online Presence & get handsome Traffic from Social Media, It is needed that you share your Content to all your Social Profiles & also let others share it to theirs! To make this possible, You should install good WordPress Social Sharing Plugins in your Blog.

Just think, If a Person visits your Blog & he finds one of your Article useful & want to share it with his Friends on Social Media, How will he do it If you have NO Sharing Plugin installed? Now you would say that he will manually copy-up your Post’s link & then will Post it to his Profile! Right? But do you really think that he will bother this much? I don’t think so! So, Social Sharing Plugins is a must for every Blogger

Here are 6 Best WordPress Social Sharing Plugins. They are easily installed and all of them are free except one (you have to pay for WP Sharely). The apps are in no particular order, mainly because they do the same things but in different ways. It is more a case of finding the social media integration method that either suits your style of blog promotion or your website design; as some plugins of this ilk are a little bit imposing and may skew your otherwise flowing design.

WordPress Social Sharing Plugins

Slick Social Sharing Buttons

This plugin will give you to option of whether you want your social media widgets floating on the left of right, or if you just want them installing into the sidebar. You may customize the plugin features to fit as you wish. You may have a slide-out menu where all the buttons are displayed for you.

It allows you to customize the buttons themselves so that it looks a little bit less like all of the other WordPress blogs using this plugin. It also has a social use statistics panel. This is available within the admin area so you may see how well you are doing at a glance. It shows you how well you are doing with regards to LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Facebook.


This plugin is good because it offers a few customization options for your blog social media widgets/buttons, but that is not its best feature. Its best feature is its ability to drive traffic from certain niche areas of the Internet. It seems to be more like a social distribution network as well as a social media networking plugin.

You may also import comments from the Triberr network and it has a re-blogging function that you may also use. If you start networking on the plugin itself, then you will find that different people will start to follow you on things such as Twitter.


This plugin will make the social buttons float at the side of your blog post. The plugin is quite popular nowadays and a lot of WordPress blogs have integrated it into their systems. You may decide which widgets will appear and which social media networks they will feature. You may customize your social media network widgets to suit your blog topic or genre.

You may use the follow section to allow people to choose to follow your profiles on the major social media networks. You may add your follow buttons as links or as widget buttons. You dictate which profiles are followed and how the link to your profile looks.

WP Sharely

It is a mailing list plugin. It is what is known as a content locker. It incentivizes people to share your post across the social media networks. It may be integrated with social media sites such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. It comes with functions that allow you to manipulate all of those platforms. As mentioned in the introduction, this is the plugin you will have to pay for.

Digg Digg

This plugin allows you to add the social media network widgets onto your website or blog. It is very good for allowing you to customize your widgets and your social media section to a very high degree. It is the choice for people who really want to integrate their social media widgets into their blog design. The Digg Digg plugin is still being developed and maintained in order to keep it up to date. This is better than the plugins that have been created and then forgotten about. This plugin will still stay up to date, as the other plugins that are not maintained will fall behind.


This allows you to add social media buttons to your blog in a more manual fashion. It gives you a very large range of widgets to choose from, which you may then add in as you see fit. It is good for two reasons. Firstly, you can make it so that your buttons never interfere with your web design and can make them part of your web design. The second reason is that it is a lot easier to use an analytic tool to track the use of the widgets/buttons.

If you sign up for an account then you get analytic data on the buttons that you install, which is good. You do not get to customize some of the functions of the plugin, but it is only a small price to pay for an otherwise great plugin.


So, These were the 6 Best WordPress Social Sharing Plugins you should definitely install now! Install the best Plugin suitable to you & your Blog & let others Share your Content everywhere. I hope this can be terribly useful for you. If you found this Best WordPress Social Sharing Plugins article helpful for you then share your comments with us and share this article on social media along with your friends.


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